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At Method9, we believe that outstanding performance is not a birthright, nor only for those who have always been successful. Success is not a destination but the habitual actions that bring the greatest results.
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The Challenge
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Why Method9?
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The Challenge
Do you have a team of great managers who don't understand the concept of leadership?
Do your outstanding performers lack the skills, capabilities and behaviours for their next promotion?
Do you have some people in your leadership team who still exhibit those behaviours that used to be acceptable and you don't know what to do about it?
Are you struggling to tap into the personal motivations of your team in delivering to strategy?
Do you know whether your existing team has the ability to deliver to an entirely new strategy?
Is motivation lacking and you can't quite put your finger on why?
Do you have team members who are working far too many hours for the results that they are generating?
Are there managers in your organisation who are lacking the chutzpah that they had a year ago?
Are you wondering why your subordinates don't step-up and take greater response-ability?

…Need we go on?
These are the challenges that the majority of organisations face on a daily basis.
Bold Thinking, Courageous Action