David Anderson

Managing Director, Flight Safety Foundation - BARS PROGRAM

Soozey and the Method9 team provide a broad package of tools, support and wisdom for both the leadership group of the organisation through to all the people within the business.

From board relationships, governance matters, strategy and business risk management through to staff relationships, leadership skills and personality profiles, Soozey covers all these aspects incredibly well and to a wonderfully positive outcome for the business.

Nicholas Bartels

Managing Director, Terra Firma

As I looked around at our Method 9 group, I initially saw the Directors & Managers each with visions & strategies focused upon the best for their corporate direction and interests. Yet, as time rolled on, I started to see the people behind this eclectic group of business leaders.

Behind our business roles and responsibilities, we were people who needed a sense of belonging as it can be very lonely and isolating at the top. We were people struggling multiple and varied issues, some relationships, some health, some divorce, some had lost their direction or mojo, etc.

What Soozey brought together was the intricate relationship between the inner person and the exterior manager/leader.

We shared and learnt about business & corporate but more importantly, how we can be effective and successful within it. To know yourself is truly unlocking your potential.

Katherine Teh

Managing Director, Futureye

Soozey provides incredible insight, encouragement and passion that has helped me grow into a better leader with more self-awareness.

Tim Power

Co-Founder and CEO, Inquisitive

Soozey Johnstone has provided exceptional leadership and strategy coaching to the companies and teams I work with. Her depth of experience and business acumen, allow her to help teams quickly understand their immediate and long-term challenges and to set in motion enduring solutions. She is trusted, respected and has become an invaluable external support.

Rainer Strunz

Director, Plus Architecture

The whole approach taken by Method9 was incredibly helpful to our leadership team and as a result, the business. The process was managed very well with Soozey drawing on her evident experience, knowledge and high-level people skills.

We appreciated her determination to find an outcome which we did thanks to her persistence.

Max Waller

CEO, Provincial Group

We started our journey with Soozey and the Method9 team by bringing some big questions to the table. Am I the right person to lead our group forward? How do we scale our business the right way? How do I better manage the critical and negative voice I hear in my head, earnt after being self-employed for such a long time? That was nearly two years ago, and I am pleased to advise life is simply better, our business has scaled and we know why, and a clearer and more positive focus exists from within the entire team. The methods and support we have received from Method9 (and Soozey Johnstone as our lead advisor) has been instrumental in achieving this.

If you are feeling fed up, tired of trying or wondering what do I do next I urge you to meet with Method9 … it changed our lives and business for the better.

Darren Taylor

Vice President, Group Internal Audit, Amcor Limited

Soozey has been my staff development guru for over 10 years and for very good reason. I turn to her in my toughest assignments and she has never failed to deliver results.

Joe Locandro

Chief Digital & Technology Officer, AEMO

Soozey has a natural talent to quickly identify the issues and insights that are required to lead change in a positive manner. We have worked together to create a high performing team with its own ‘ethos’ and ‘esprit de corps’. The experience gained from such an exercise enabled a new threshold to be reached for myself personally in the areas of Human Capital Management and strategic leadership.

I have subsequently used and built upon those very same principles in other organisations during my career.

Mark Sands

General Manager, Asia Pacific, BOARD International

Soozey’s work has been instrumental in helping to shape and grow the capabilities of an inexperienced management team in a rapidly growing business.

Byron Scaf

Co-Founder and Deputy CEO, Stile Education

Few these days actually take the time to deeply understand someone else’s business and the people in it. But Soozey does, and it makes her a remarkable coach and thought partner. Over the past few years, Soozey has helped me understand how to craft a truly successful organisation – one where people love coming to work (including this CEO!), and that as a result is capable of creating enormous value for its customers.

Soozey, you challenge people to be a better, more effective version of themselves. You do this not by providing any answers, but by asking the right questions and prompting deep reflection – facilitating others to find their own answers in line with their values and principles. That, together with your seemingly unlimited energy and enthusiasm, form a powerful motivating combination!

Darren Robinson

Managing Director, HELLA Australia

My introduction to Soozey was a sobering experience, receiving a copy of her book “I am the problem” caused a few laughs in the office, but intrigued me to arrange a meeting. From the offset our discussions were very frank and honest and Soozey has a way at getting to potential areas for improvement at lightning speed. A few months on and we are now working closely with Soozey across the Senior Leadership team at HELLA Australia. Soozey has given us great insight into helping us understand each other, enabling us to work better together. Soozey has also supported the recruitment of new members to the team, making sure that the people we employ fit with our existing team and culture. Rarely do I use consultants on an ongoing basis, but Soozey’s work to date has been so enlightening that I have no doubt our work together will continue over an extended period of time.

Mark Hamill

Group Manager, Risk & Assurance, Fortescue Metals Group

Soozey has helped me greatly in my career and she is one of the people I trust most to provide me with honest advice and innovative ideas.

Richard Beaumont

CEO, Entrust Foundation

Soozey is a breath of fresh air in any business environment and her wisdom, insight and engaging style have guided me and many others to do what we love.

Simon Paull

CEO, Paull & Warner

Engaging Method9 for me proved to be much more than just executive business coaching. This is managing people and personalities at a far deeper level to achieve goals that benefit everyone – not just the P&L. Understanding what makes your team tick is one part, discovering what makes you tick brings business and life beyond the office walls to a completely different level.

Chris Mitchell

CEO, Health Workforce Queensland

This has been a life-changing experience and I feel more confident and competent in my professional, business and personal lives thanks to Soozey Johnstone and Method9.

Elise Grosser

Director, Ethics and Integrity, University of Melbourne

The Method9 program transformed the way my team performs both as a unit and as individuals communicating the purpose and importance of their work for a variety of audiences.

Chris Dance

CEO and co-founder, PaperCut Software

Through Method9’s coaching program, Soozey has been instrumental in helping us grow as leaders and become more effective both as a team, and on an individual level, which without a doubt has had a ripple effect on the entire organisation.

Alister McEwen

Director, Universal Brands Group

Seriously the best money I have invested into Universal Brands. All team members came away with a clear vision and a positive attitude to continue the transition and grow the business. Soozey’s method of engaging the team, and her beautiful way of communicating with all team members to achieve results is outstanding.

Dan Feldman

Managing Partner, HR Legal

Method9 has application for organisations of different sizes across different industries. The small changes that every individual can make to improve and break bad habits can have a profound beneficial consequences and enable organisations to achieve their broader collective goals.


About Soozey Johnstone

With a passion for business running through her veins Soozey Johnstone is one of Australia’s most experienced and respected executive advisors, who has been the brains behind dramatic turnarounds in the performance of many diverse organisations.

She leads a small team of talented professionals who focus on the gap between what people want for themselves and what their organisations want from them, helping to bring the two into alignment – in the process releasing a gale of productivity for the organisation and vastly improved personal satisfaction for the individuals concerned.

Soozey is direct, empathetic and so certain in delivering on what she promises, that she guarantees the results of her work.

In short, she doesn’t offer transient quick fixes, she offers fixes that stay fixed.


What we do

Method9 helps business leaders and their key team members to understand what’s holding them and their businesses back

The Result

Better use of time, greater control of negotiations, increased energy, improved skills, motivation to succeed equalling less stress, more achieved, greater satisfaction and best of all improved profitability.