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Testimonials from our Behavioural Change programs

"The Method9 leadership program changed my life. The course got me thinking about my goals, identifying them clearly and committing myself to action on achieving them. I found that the principles of the program were extremely valuable to apply both to work and the rest of my life. I discovered how intrinsically tied my work and personal goals were.

The guidance and support of my coach throughout the program was an excellent way to process what I was learning and encourage the positive changes that I was making. Not only have my management and performance skills improved but so has the rest of my life. I am healthier and happier. I have more confidence and clarity. I achieve more. I am calmer and I feel a greater sense of control over where I am going and what I am doing both at work and in the rest of my life."

Amanda Pullen
Information Technology Co-ordinator Victims Referral & Assistance Service, Department of Justice


"Would you like to take charge of your own career and fulfil your leadership potential? Interested in actions and not just abstract management and leadership concepts? If the answer to these questions is yes, then the Method9 Leadership program is for you.

The program challenges the way you think about leadership and also has a strong emphasis on developing strategies and undertaking actions that will enable you to achieve your goals. The program is goal orientated, focused on actions and builds a strong level of group commitment through interaction with the other participants and the Method9 facilitators.

The program is well balanced, stimulating and flexible with a focus on success that is unique to each individual. The Method9 program assisted me greatly in making the "next step" in my leadership development. I now have a much clearer concept of what success and happiness is to me and how I can achieve these goals through my own actions."

Mark Hamill
Managing Director, Protiviti


"As a reasonably experienced "middle manager" in a consulting practice, I found your program to be instructive, relevant, and most importantly, able to be immediately implemented in my workplace. Additionally, the opportunity to share ideas with my colleagues proved to be very rewarding: I had no idea how divergent the views of our group as a whole were, and your program gave us all the opportunity to discuss new concepts in a "non- work" framework, and how we as managers could better work together and lead our team to professional excellence. I would recommend this course to any team of managers who were seeking greater insight into their respective management styles, and proven approaches to managing for consistent excellence."

Catherine Friday
Senior Manager, Ernst & Young


"This course has been the most intensive program I have ever participated in. The clarification of my business and personal goals allowed me to more effectively work towards those goals with focus, determination and conviction. The interaction with others in the course gave me an invaluable insight into other ideas, views and concepts. I walk away from this course with new found energy, confidence and a greater sense of control over my future endeavours." Kate Hart Victorian Director, M& T Resources "Method9 helped me consider my working style and habits. With the help of a coach, I made several critical changes to think more strategically, become more task focussed, consider the value of what I was doing, and never repeat mistakes. The program contains many valuable lessons that have changed the way I work and live. It was fun to do and was a great networking opportunity as well. I don't know anybody who cannot benefit from the program."

Gavin Murnane
Policy and Research Officer, Department of Justice


"Old habits die hard and mine were sure no exception. I've always known that my behaviour in certain situations left much to be desired; that my default responses to everyday challenges weren't always getting the optimal result. But simply acknowledging the fact didn't excuse me from doing something about it. Over the course of Method9's program and beyond I haven't just broken old habits, I've formed more effective ones. I've come to understand that what is reflex can be unlearnt; what is diffused can be focused; what is lacklustre can be re- energised.

Via an engaging process of goal setting and achieving, and an unwavering emphasis on action, I've become more valuable to the organisation and clients and peers alike are noticing my bolstered performance. What's more I enjoy working and have acquired the impetus to continue furthering myself outside of work.

For the course participants, the challenges faced and benefits discovered varied substantially from individual to individual. Such is the strength of this program; it brings out the best in everybody regardless of station or experience (needless to say, willingness is a pre- requisite). Forward- thinking organisations take heed: This is what the future looks like."

Andrew Hinterreiter
Senior Consultant, DWS


"There have been many areas of our business that have been addressed as a result of the program including: "

Clear job specifications through defining key result areas and critical success factors for each role in the company, making us a more productive team.
Performance reviews that include staff goal setting and incentive rewards.
Better communication.
Clearer company mission, vision and goals.
More control of my time, and the business through developing a tighter management style that has assisted me in delegating more effectively and providing the team with more scope for responsibility. I have also made staff aware of my management style and do's and don'ts in communicating with me…

I would highly recommend the Method9 Leadership program to anyone interested in increasing the performance of his or her business."

Paul Wilson
Managing Director, Square Circle Triangle


"The Leadership course worked for me at four levels:

Audio-visual approach for delivering the theory of each topic allowed me to compartmentalise the myriad of aspects to leadership and management
Group discussions and guest presenters enabled me to convert the theory into practical and useful strategies
Setting of weekly goals and objectives forced me to apply the strategies directly to my own organisation
Weekly meetings with my mentor allowed me to sanity check my strategies and review the results of previous initiatives.

In all, this well structured, well planned and well delivered program has added incredible value to the way I Think, the way I Manage and the way I Lead."

Saul Midler
Managing Director, Linus Information Security Solutions


The program is a challenge and pushes you to implement new strategies and tools in your everyday work…

It's so easy to identify a truth when it is staring you in the face. But until you're face to face with it, truth is incredibly difficult to see and hold on to, especially when you are dealing with multiple and complex problems everyday.

The leadership program presents the truth, and the structure of the training makes you use it in ways pertinent to your business and your life goals. Managing a team is still the most difficult job I face, but it is now the most rewarding."

Linda Hamilton
Managing Director, Web Assets



Workshop Testimonials

Great workshop - helped to sharpen and expand personal skills
I found this training course extremely informative and useful for both my career and personal life
I found this session very helpful in gaining an insight to clients' behaviour
I feel everyone in Real Estate would benefit from this course. Every little bit of information can give you an edge
An energising session full of new ideas and practical techniques to improve my business
Thank you for supplying me with great techniques to increase my networking skills, which in turn will increase productivity within the business
Very interesting and informative
Michael was very entertaining and approachable - his points were clear and bring out the creativity inside of you
Innovative and enthusiastic presentation. Generates valuable information to directly influence our behaviour and the 'bottom line'
Lecturer with excellent presentation / acting skills
Success can only be with the help of Method9
I have found Method9 Workshops assist me in improving within my career
Great to see role-playing involved hence I've got to meet and introduce myself to others who also come to training
I found the seminar to be articulate, entertaining and informative. I feel I will benefit greatly from today
I found the workshop very informative. It also makes you aware of things you don't consciously think about
Excellent course - fast paced, interesting, relevant and thought provoking
Thanks for taking the time to show me how important creating an active network is to creating more business
Well presented, entertaining and interesting. Kept my attention at all times
Thoroughly enjoyed the session. It was useful and lots of fun
The course is well structured, entertaining and useful in day-to-day experiences. A definite
The workshop was innovative and interesting. It gave me some good ideas for further training of my salespeople
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