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Visit Our Portfolio > Any Salesperson who is not selling behaviourally is, at best, only 25-50% effective
Judy Suiter
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Why Method9?


The Method9 Coaching Process assists individuals in achieving powerful and lasting results in their professional and personal lives by maximising performance in critical success areas.

Method9 is accredited in DISC and MBTI. The profile generated by these tools accurately identifies strengths and any inhibitors to success in the critical facets of our professional lives. This information is also useful in determining how we structure the Performance Improvement Process.

The coaching process, like all of our work at Method9, is underpinned by experiential learning; exploring those areas that will result in the greatest improvements. Participants are engaged in the coaching program not simply knowing what to do - they are held accountable to do it! At the heart of this is understanding the role of behaviour in the development of habits, and how we can promote those habits critical to our success.

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Team Coaching - The Rehearsal for Reality

Any Salesperson who is not selling behaviourally is, at best, only 25-50% effective
Judy Suiter

Few companies truly prepare themselves for the daily challenges they face. We never rehearse or practice and so we end up developing experience by practising on our clients.

Method9 will develop a fictitious client organisation complete with a history and key personnel. Your objective is to win this clients business through planning and execution of the critical stages. This rehearsal for reality combines all of the dimensions of a real experience; developing rapport with a complete stranger who may be worth big money to your company, presenting a differentiated vision to the various members and decision makers of the company, identifying individual behaviour and internal dynamics, and so on.

Method9 uses professional actors with high level business understanding to create this challenging simulation. At the completion, your team members will find out whether they have won the business or not, but more importantly, they will know why, and therefore they will have a much better understanding of what to do next time - with a real client!

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