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Leaders of Influence

Why Method9?

Leaders of Influence


The 'Leaders of Influence' Program is designed for individuals who aspire to achieve maximum personal effectiveness and realise their full potential. An eight-month behavioural and skills development program, Leaders of Influence is designed for people who have already achieved major goals in their professional lives.

It became clear to us as we were talking to our clients over the years that often the very skills and behaviours that have contributed to a person's success may, in fact, be limiting their ability to take the next step in their careers. This has a huge impact on the individual and the organisation.

This program assists individuals to become persuasive, goal-focused and results-focused 'Leaders of Influence'. Participants undertake a number of projects throughout the program to establish new success behaviours: habits that will contribute to their on-going success.

In our professional lives we quickly learn that the smartest aren't always the most successful, nor are successful people necessarily the most knowledgeable. This unique program ensures that success is embedded at a behavioural level. All our thoughts and actions become directed to the achievement of our most important goals.

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