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Take the coins from your purse and dump them into your mind. Your mind will fill your purse with gold
Benajamin Franklin
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Our Philosophy & Values
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Why Method9?

A powerful partnership

Method9 works with participants and key stakeholders in a way that ensures visibility and ownership always remains with our client. We drive and support participants through the transition from knowing what they should be doing to actually taking action. The benefit has a flow on effect throughout the organisation encouraging the full take-up of values-based behaviours.

Behavioural Change

We believe that organisational change begins at an individual level, with an individual's commitment to take responsibility and move to action. What differentiates Method9 is our focus on, and success in achieving behavioural change. We understand that we all develop habits in our personal and professional lives. Some of these habits will contribute to our successes. Other habits will constantly inhibit our ability and potential to grow, develop and succeed.

Experiential Learning

The focus in all our work is individual, experiential learning where the participant can discover and practice skills and techniques specific to their learning.


Our shared values are Bold Thinking, Courageous Action

In order for our clients to be successful we need to understand their challenges, think boldly and innovatively about the best possible solution and be courageous enough to drive them to achieve outstanding results.

As Denis Waitley says,

"Courage means to keep working a relationship, to continue seeking solutions to difficult problems, and to stay focused during stressful periods"

Bold Thinking, Courageous Action is within all of us and these values permeate every project that we deliver.

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Bold Thinking, Courageous Action