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Success is not a mystery.  Success is taking action each day action that aligns  to planned, valuable,  personal goals

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Why Method9?

The return on your investment in a Method9 program lies within our Performance Improvement Process combined with the participant's commitment to their program goals, behavioural change and achieving outstanding results.

Method9 is dedicated to providing quality programs that improve individual and group performance; that is, skills development that not simply gives the participants theories, information and techniques but will also affect the way that staff perform and consequently the results they will achieve. This is what differentiates Method9.

Through the Performance Improvement Process, Method9 has an emphasis on multi-sensory learning, behavioural change, experiential learning and spaced repetition to reinforce organisational values and ensure that the program delivers the necessary impact and maintains momentum well beyond Method9's involvement.

1. Needs Analysis

Individual and organisational needs analyses to ensure that the process will be relevant in delivering the results that the management team is after.

2. Behavioural Analysis

A behavioural analysis and debrief includes a one-on-one debriefing and action plan.

3. Performance Improvement Contract

An agreement on a time line for results in the form of a contract between the participant, manager, coach and facilitator.

4. Coaching

Nomination of an external coach to further imbed the philosophies of the program.

5. Interactive Seminar Workshops

These are customised to match the responses from the Needs Analyses undertaken with the nominated participants.

6. Rehearsal for Reality

Role-plays and experiential learning allow participants the opportunity to take action and experience the benefits of their learning in a non-threatening environment.

7. Presentation evenings

Participants present their program goals to Coaches, fellow participants and the Method9 team to ensure their commitment, reinforce their learning and celebrate success.

8. Action Commitments

Weekly goal setting and strategic coaching reinforces the new success habits.

9. Evaluation and Review

Participant performance is reviewed on a weekly basis by the facilitator, fellow participants and the coach. Participants also take part in mid and post program reviews with the facilitator and coach.

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